You're longing for ease...

When I ask people what quality they would most like to experience regularly, the answer is EASE.

Ease can mean a lot of things, but essentially what we long for is the sustained experience of deep well being in body, mind and heart.

We want to feel abundantly healthy, vital, creative, content, joyful, and easeful despite the trials of daily life.

This requires inner resources 
~ the renewable kind!

But most of us are running on empty...

Between work, home, family and social obligations, and the state of the world (hello 2020), most people are  completely worn out, in pain, discouraged, and a little lost.

I am here to give you the tools you need to:
  • Recover from exhaustion and burnout
  • Get out of overwhelm
  • Cancel over-thinking and self-criticism
  • Surf the ups and downs of life like a pro
  • Build, protect and refine your life energy
  • Achieve abundant ease and deep well-being so you can serve others. 

OJAS ~ the water of wellness

According to the wisdom of Ayurveda, Ojas is the proverbial "water in your well". It is your reservoir of health and deep well-being.
  • If that well is full, you are flowing with vitality, resilience and joy. 
  • If it's depleted, so are you. 
  • If it is overdrawn for extended periods of time you experience damage and decline.
With strong Ojas, you can develop a connection with a reliable source of inner strength.

This course is an experiential immersion into  essential practices to restore, build, protect and refine your life essence of Ojas.  

Simple and Self-paced...


This 8-week course is NOT a bunch of extra work! It is the antidote to a stressful life.

Each week you get access to a new module which includes:
  • a written commentary about the essential practice of the week
  • 10 minute video talk
  • 10 minute video
    "daily practice" 
  • 45-90 minute full length practice (Restorative Yoga, Gentle Movement, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Breathing)
  • 1-page downloadable .pdf with journal prompts that can deepen your inquiry
    (by the end you will have a beautiful 10-page workbook)

This course is designed to be easily incorporated into your daily life. It teaches you a way of being.

By repeating the short daily practice as often as you can during the week you will gently and naturally fill your well with the vital life-essence of Ojas. The full length practices reinforce the topic of the week and give you a chance to dive deep. 

How Deep Will You Go?

I explain how to use the materials to get the most out of your journey. 

Hint: It's not about "doing more". 

It's about expanding inside. 

Fill Your Well

Stop the energy drain and fill up with ease, contentment, joy and robust health.

A full well of Ojas results in strong immunity on all levels. Ojas is both salve and buffer for the ravages of a rough world.

When your "cup overfloweth" you are able to serve from your full heart rather than draining your last reserves. 

Strong Ojas gives you a clear path to longevity and sustainable well-being.
Fill My Well

Deepen and Refine

The most refined nectar of Ojas results in natural joy and effortless compassion for self and others, regardless of external circumstances.

Whether you are completely burnt out or already pretty full, you can use these principles to deepen your well(ness), tap into your wisdom, and refine your spiritual awakening.

With Love and Ojas,
I'll have what she's having ;)

This is not just a course -- This is an Empowerment.

All this material and essential life wisdom is equivalent to what I would offer on a 7-10 day retreat.
Now you get 8 weeks to immerse yourself in these practices (not to mention a whole year to revisit them).
If you use these practices deeply and regularly you will be transforming every layer of your being; awakening into the innate power of your wholeness.

  • a written introduction to an essential principle of Ojas
  • 10 minute video talk - contemplation of the topic
  • 10 minute video "daily practice" - meditation or movement to embody the principle
  • 45-90 minute full length practice - modalities include restorative yoga, yoga nidra, meditation,  gentle movement, and breathing practice. 
  • 1-page .pdf journal with prompts to deepen your inquiry through the week
  • Welcome videos
  • "Intro to Ojas"  video lecture
  • .pdf article, "How Deep is Your Inner Reservoir"
  • .pdf "Guide to Nourishing Ojas", which includes a list of Ojas-nourishing foods
  • 10 written lessons
  • 10 video talks
  • 8 daily mini-practices 
  • 8 full-length classes (45-90 min. each)
  • 10-page .pdf journal
This 8-week course and treasure trove of material is available to you for a full year!
You can revisit the lessons as many times as you want, and download the .pdf journal pages to record and deepen your journey forever. The insights and practices only deepen over time and benefit every part of your life.

This course is a pre-requisite for my upcoming 2021 Heart Immersion Trainings. 
Your purchase of the Nourishing Ojas Course will qualify you for special early-bird discounts to these small-group mastery programs. 

Meet Nicole...

As a solopreneur and single mom of two,
I can relate to the stresses of modern life which just keep on coming! I have been studying yoga, meditation, world healing traditions, and their intersection with modern science for nearly 30 years. 

I opened Ojas Yoga Center in 2010
to teach people how to welcome their humanness, ditch the pressure of incessant progress, and reclaim their innate wholeness.

I bow to my teachers, my inner teacher,
and the whole world family.


How long will I have access to this course?

You will have access to this course for 1 year from purchase date. 

When will my 8 weeks start?

On Day 1 you will have access to all the welcome materials. 

On Day 2 you will have access to your first week of practices.

New modules will unlock weekly from there.